Beginners Airbrushing on Cakes with Cassie Brown (Australia)


Cassie will be visiting Brisbane. Melbourne and Sydney to teach beginners classes.

These workshops with Cassie is specially designed to allow you to be in a small group, so you gain one to one advice and encouragement by Cassie herself as well as meet other cake craft hobbyists.

The courses are built for those who have never held an airbrush before to those who want to learn the basic skills in airbrushing, help to install confidence and take away the scary factor of airbrushing. You will start at the beginning with lots of practicing techniques, such as how to hold the airbrush, to how to create beautiful sunsets.

Cassie has been an airbrush specialist for over 10 years. She has gained great knowledge and spends time with some of the worlds leading airbrush artists and is lucky enough to have learnt how to airbrush on cake, canvas and metal.

As an international author releasing a number of books, including her Airbrushing book, ‘Airbrushing on Cakes’, which was released in 2015, Cassie prides herself in teaching others all the skills she has learnt over her many years of teaching, judging and presenting and puts them in her workshops and demonstrations.

For more information please follow the links to the workshop area you wish to go to and any further questions contact Cassie or the organisers.

We look forward to seeing you soon.