New Website

Hi, Welcome to my new website and blog, as some of you may no i am dyslexic so please don’t hold this a gents me when you are looking around my site, my skills lye in other areas like creating new produces and designs. which is my passion, for those of you not knowing what you are good at, or stuck in a dead end job and hating it, everyone is good at something, it just takes some people longer to find there skill.

I have changed my website to be more focused on teaching, so the membership area is coming very soon and i hope to build this up as a platform for teaching you what you world like to now. I have filmed 2 videos so fare which will be going live before the end of November, so please come back and have a look, there is a small charge but i think its worth it and i do need to pay my camera man!

Also my shop is changing and evolving as its not all about my range of produces, i use lots of fab thinks and want to share them with you so i will be building the range up.

Please let me no your thought on the new website and videos, i will be putting pdf “how to make” on there vary soon and some of them will be free.

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