About Me

Cassie-0398- low resI’ve been a part of the cake decorating and sugarcraft world since the age of 14. I saw a lady demonstrating how to make an orchid in sugar and was amazed by how one small piece of paste could turn into something so realistic and that it was possible to create something so beautiful out of sugar. It looked amazing! Now over 20 years’ on I have evolved my business and love travel the world so I can share my love of cake crafting to all of you. When I was 15 I was lucky to be granted every Friday off school so I could go to Stratford upon Avon College to complete my city & guilds qualifications in sugarcraft. As I am dyslectic words don’t come easy to me and found that sugarcraft came naturally to me.

In 2002 I started writing articles for big cake magazines like Squires Kitchen, Cakes & Sugar Craft and Wedding Cakes & Design Source, I have also written and Designed lots of cakes articles for several other well-known magazines worldwide. I also write for Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine.

I published my first sugarcraft book “SUGAR SENSATIONS”in April 2010. It includes illustrations of my cakes and features six cutting edge celebration cakes and over 25 projects. In September 2015 I released my second book called “AIRBRUSHING ON CAKES” which I am vary pleased with and hope you will be to. I really enjoy creating and making the cake designs and writing the books, in fact I’m writing a book right now! As well as having a book I’ve got 3 DVDs out too. The DVDs are to help and expand people’s capabilities and techniques in Airbrushing. My first DVD was out in 2011 and soon two others followed.

I have entered many competitions over the years as well as building my business. They have been all over the UK and I have been working my way up to winning several gold medals and best in show awards which I believe have helped me with my knowledge in Sugarcraft. I can normally be found at the main big cake decorating shows that are all around the world including the cake international at the N.E.C in Birmingham every November. Now I am pleased to say that I am a professional judge and have been since 2012 at cake international.

I became a Fan of airbrushing after seeing Pam Wakefield demonstrate and after talking to Pam she informed me that she was retrieving so would love me to carry on the airbrushing demonstration, so after spending some time with Pam she trained me in using the badger airbrush, I must confess that I was vary scared of this as it is a very expensive peace of kit, so as I always say, I luckily fell pregnant with my third child so did not continue. but when I was ready to work again Shesto asked me to try out a new airbrushed and I fell in love with the CD30 so  with Shesto made the first complete airbrushing set to include  colours a cleaner and a DVD so every think you need to make airbrushing less scary and more user friendly.

In March 2011, I licensed my name to Shesto Ltd (a very successful business that specializes in airbrushes and have been trading since 1907). Since then, we have jointly been developing the Cassie Brown Cake Craft range which is now widely distributed throughout the specialist Cake and Craft trades both here in the UK and worldwide.

Also I’m currently running lots of workshops, They are held in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire and we aim to have a fun filled day with you picking up lots of useful hints and tips as well as learn something new and leaving you inspired to put your new found skills into practice. I also travel all over the world delivering workshops to groups, organizations and shops, which are designed to share my skills with professionals and beginners alike. I have recently been to Australia doing work shops and teaching them new skills. I really enjoyed the creative new culture, seeing new faces and Making new friends.

My Business has developed and changed a lot over the years from making cakes for special events to traveling the world teaching people how to create their own stunning cakes. I’ve worked on QVC TV and I am now a regular guest presenter on Create & Craft TV channel, and be part of there Cake Academy which is a regular cake show at 5pm every Sunday.

Now at this moment in time I am happily married and have been for many years, also I have 3 beautiful children Charlotte, Sam and Harry. I love them all vary much and through the past years they have been my inspiration and drive to be successful.